When I was in high school, my grandparents gave me a plug-in dehydrator.  And it is the same one I still use today!  I’ve done a little bit of everything, but apples, pineapple, and deer jerky are our favorites.  Here are some handy guidelines I often use.

  • The thinner the slice of the item being dried, the quicker the drying time
  • Dehydrate at 100-105 deg to preserve enzymes and nutrients (fruits)
  • The higher the humidity, the longer the drying time. Adjust for location and season
  • The higher the liquid content, the longer the drying time
  • Increase time for more crunchy-crispy foods
  • Cut fruits, such as grapes and cranberries, in half
  • Plan start and end time accordingly, I often start them at night on a weekend if I know it will take a long time. Or first thing in the morning.

Bananas, Rhubarb                                                         6-10 hours
Apples, Kiwi, Strawberries                                             7-15 hours
Watermelon                                                                    8-10 hours
Nectarines, Peaches, Pears                                           8-16 hours
Cranberries                                                                     10-12 hours
Berries                                                                            10-15 hours
Pineapple                                                                       10-18 hours
Cherries                                                                         13-21 hours
Apricots                                                                          20-28 hours
Figs, Grapes, Prune/Plums                                           22-30 hours

Greens, Mushrooms                                                      3-7 hours
Celery                                                                            3-10 hours
Cucumber, Onions, Peas, Peppers, Popcorn                4-8 hours
Asparagus                                                                      5-6 hours
Tomatoes                                                                        5-9 hours
Carrots, Corn                                                                  6-10 hours
Potatoes                                                                         6-14 hours
Cabbage, Parsnips, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Squash           7-11 hours
Beans, Beets                                                                  8-12 hours
Broccoli                                                                           10-14 hours

Recrisping                                                                      1 hour
Herbs, Spices                                                                 2-4 hours
Fruit Leather                                                                   4-6 hours
Meat Leather (cure first)                                                 4-6 hours
*once meat reaches 165 deg, cook in oven for 30 minutes at 200 deg
Nuts                                                                                 10-14 hours
Fish Jerky (cure first)                                                       12-14 hours

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