Kitchen Organization Tips

When we bought our house, we had a walk-in shower with an oddly sized opening.  (Wait, isn’t this about kitchens?  I’ll get there!)  It did not have a curtain or door, but we decided we needed one.  After trying to find rods and pricing custom doors (ouch), we stumbled upon a simple and CHEAP spring curtain rod.  Less than $10.  And a regular shower curtain cut in half lengthwise fits perfectly!  3 1/2 years later, it is still going strong.

And now to the point of the article – same house, same type of rod, completely different issue.  Our kitchen is an open floor plan, but definitely lacking in cabinets.  Especially with as many cooking items and such that we have.  I think the biggest problem with kitchens in general is where to put the cookie sheets, cutting boards, etc. without having them jumbled up in a random drawer or cabinet.  And this was exactly our problem.  We have built in wall ovens with a small drawer below and a huge, tall, open cavity above.  The cabinet above is not exactly accessible since it is so high, unless we want to haul a foot stool around every time we need to get up there.  And you cannot put large pots up there due to the wood piece between the doors.  About the same time we were getting the spring curtain rod for the shower, I thought of possibly doing this for the tall cabinet.  Eureka!  And much cheaper and easier than adding shelves, plus these are movable depending on your needs.  It also solved our issue with storing cookie sheets, cutting boards, wire racks, muffin tins, etc. while completely utilizing an awkward storage space.

Another great idea!  Living in a household with 3 adults and 2 growing kids leads to a pretty cramped fridge.  Although our fridge still works fine, Tim and I have been on and off shopping for a replacement the last few years with more space.  The issue is that we have a corner space for a fridge, so it would have to be a certain size and one of the doors does not open all the way without pulling the fridge all the way out.  We looked at buying just a stand alone fridge – but they are meant to go with the stand alone freezer and the handles are not moveable.  Plus they don’t have the ice or water dispenser.  We looked at the standard “fridge on top” with the ice maker, but it really wasn’t any larger.  We have a side by side right now.

So, Tim was making ribs one day and had the rack of ribs on a jelly roll sheet pan.  He went to put it in the fridge and we discovered it fit perfectly as an additional shelf!  So we moved the existing shelves around a bit, and, VOILA!  More space!  And a HUGE savings.

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