Soda Pop Jelly

Soda Pop Jelly – Cream Soda, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, etc

Although we are not pop drinkers, we always end up with a few random cans of pop in our house after the holidays or a party.  This is a great way to utilize these leftover cans of pop for gifts!

1 – 12 oz can soda pop of choice
3 c sugar
½ c water
¼ t butter (optional)
1 pkt/3 oz liquid pectin

Bring soda, sugar, water, and butter to a rapid boil.  Add liquid pectin, return to rolling boil.  Boil hard for 1 minute (root beer needs a bit longer to set up).  Skim foam if necessary – root beer really frothed up while boiling, but required no skimming.  Ladle into hot jars, ¼ in headspace.  Process 10 minutes.  I doubled and tripled this recipe with no issues.  1  batch yields 3 ½ half pints, 2 batches yields 7 half pints, and 3 batches yield 10 half pints.

Note – I added butter to each batch I made – the Cream Soda and Mountain Dew still had quite a bit of foam to skim.  The Root Beer in the 2nd photo frothed and fizzed like crazy while boiling; however, it required no skimming.

Please check out the dandelion jelly recipe or the jelly tips and basics posts for more detailed canning information.

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