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Welcome to The 5th Journey!  First and foremost – THANK YOU for your support and sharing the love of dance, pilates, human movement, and this amazing journey through our lives!

The 5th Journey on Patreon is devoted to workout videos, stretches, and dance (workouts, breakdowns, technique, tips, etc).  I have been dancing since 1987 (woah, age 5 – now you know how old I am) and teaching since 1999.  I have been fortunate to teach in amazing studios, host workshops, coach a university dance team for 5 years, and am on my 7th year lecturing (aka teaching) university dance technique courses.  I attend workshops, seminars, conventions, and take CE courses every year to continue my own growth and education.  I have done everything from personal training in my early 20s to group fitness instruction in pilates and aerobics to, of course, dance.

I want this to be a positive outlet for you to find comfortable workouts you can do in your home with a “real” person.  I am human and am not perfect!  I feel people are looking for real life instead of perfect class/studio settings, pristine makeup and hair, enhanced lighting, flawless scripts, and unnatural photoshop/editing.  Most of the time, I will have my hair in a ponytail, no makeup, and leggings that have seen many hours in the studio.  I will stumble on my words when my brain moves faster than my mouth and will probably lose count while I’m talking you through exercises.  And as every dance instructor has ever said, I will probably say, “One more time!”  No big deal, just have fun with it!

I am a HUGE advocate for loving the skin we are in.  Our amazing bodies are our one true possession which we carry through our lives.  Instead of focusing on what may not be perfect, focus on what is good and what makes you happy.  Our bodies accomplish astounding things every second!  We feel the rustling breeze, smell the crisp fall air, smell the earth after a spring rain, hear the gentle whisper of snow, touch our loved ones, sing along to our favorite songs, carry our senses from place to place. . .the positives are endless.

Although my workouts will be mostly dance, pilates, barre, and stretching related, I will do some weights/calisthenics, HIIT, water workouts, and more. Based on your subscription choice, I will also do dance education, such as full barre combinations (not barre workouts, actual plie, tendu, degage, rdj, etc), breakdowns and more. I welcome requests for specific breakdowns – from ballet to classic jazz to tap (sorry, this girl does not do hip-hop) to pilates, weights, stretching, and more!  But please keep in mind that I also work full-time and teach as well as mother 2 amazing kiddos, so it will not happen immediately.  I will post new information every month and sometimes more frequently.  Please be patient and kind to everyone in this journey (trolling does not help anyone and will be deleted/blocked).

As anyone who has danced or done any sport for a very long time can understand, I have long term over-use injuries and have to make my own modifications.  Plus I have had children – spending 4 years either pregnant or nourishing 2 whole humans can sure change the body as well.  Please do the same as you know your body better than anyone.  Be sure to watch some of the beginner videos before jumping into the more advanced ones if you have never done a particular exercise.  For example, during a non-beginner barre combination class, I will quickly say the combination and then proceed without breaking it down.  And, as always, consult with your doctor.

And LASTLY, we are a DIY family to the core.  From gardening, beekeeping, canning, weaving, cooking, bath and body products, and so much more, we have a blog for that!  Please visit for excellent DIY articles.  Also, follow us on YouTube – search The 5th Journey for short workouts, DIY videos, cooking, canning, kid creations and more for FREE.  And you might as well follow us on Instagram and Facebook – just search the5thjourney!

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