Cold Process and Florals – A Tale of Failures and A Rebatch!

Okay, let’s talk about Florals in Cold Process. Gosh. Heavenly, glorious, wonderful scents! But ooooohhhhh do they cause issues. Florals, whether essential oils or fragrance oils, have the tendency to accelerate our soap batter. Some we can work around, some we end up desperately smooshing into the mold, some rice, and some seize right in the pot.

This video is actually over two soaps. I contemplated not doing a video on this, but the failures are just as important as the successes. And, technically, I didn’t have a complete failure with this. Just some very lengthy workarounds. (check out my first sea salt soap for my one and only true failure to date)

But these soaps made me crazy. Made me frantic, made me mad, made me sweat, made me waste a lot of time, etc. But they smelled (and still smell) SO good!

First up is a mixture of the leftover honeysuckle from last week’s batch plus a bit of wild rose (acceleration), lilac (holy acceleration), and gardenia (total wild card). This one *should* have been okay, and I planned for acceleration. . .but I kept messing with the top. And then I tried doing something new with the top. Ugh. This ties in with Soap No. 2 parts A and B.

Soap Numero 2. Wild Roses – smells super good and thought I had a good plan! I did, but then I realized my mistake about an hour after I poured. One way to combat an accelerating fragrance is to mix it with some of your oils before adding it to your soap batter. Yes, this works and is a great idea. But then I was doing layers and only added that back to part of the batch. So I ended up with a slightly oily section and slightly lye heavy section. That was the main photo for this video. Gorgeous, right? But the insides were a mess. Hemmed and Hawed about Rebatch, bit the bullet and did it. Not super pretty, but smells wonderful!

So, we still ended up with two lovely, handmade (almost failure) batches of soap!

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