Week 3 Day 5 Weights – 3 Week Series for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Congratulations!  You made it!  We are on our final day in this 3 Week Series!  If you are still working on your recovery, start the series again from the beginning.  If you are able to add a little more or do a little more, add in flexing and pointing of the feet, pushups and planks from the full position, heavier weights, etc.  Make whatever modifications that are best for you and your body.  Thank you so much for joining me in this journey!  Remember there are plenty of workouts on the blog, our YouTube Channel, and ad-free options on Patreon.

*Welcome to the 3 Week Series geared for those recovering from foot and ankle injuries. Today we will be doing Weights. Grab your mat, a few sets of light weights, and join me! These are of course good for anyone even without an injury! Please keep in mind that these workouts are not beginner level as we’ll be moving right along through the 15-20 minute workout.*


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