Cinnamon Roll (Cinnamon Cocoa) Cold Process Soap LCP Embeds In the Pot Swirl

I was finally able to get my hands on two sets of Brambleberry’s newest fragrance collection (Hygge). Fifth and final is Cinnamon Cocoa. I definitely felt it had more of a cinnamon roll scent, so I decided to go with a cinnamon roll look. Using LCP Low Sweat, Detergent Free Glycerin Soap, I made a sheet of soap that was rolled up for the “icing” part. Then using a very thin batter with leaf lard (it slows down trace), I did an in the pot swirl. I only added coffee grounds and relied on the natural discoloration of the fragrance oil to do the rest! I did go ahead and add a drizzle of icing to some of them for fun! I also tucked in a quick video of the Dragon’s Blood restock since I was using the other half of the batter for that.

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