Hello from The 5th Journey! Past Events and Future Updates

Hello from The 5th Journey!

I wanted to post a quick video to recap what has been going on the past year or so as well as what we have in store for the future. Here’s to a fun year of changes and adventures!  Text below!

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ecap from the past year – we’ve been as busy as ever, but with some bumps and hiccups along the way. But it has been a good year!

1 – The biggest one has been some health issues I have been dealing with for the past two years. I’ll do a later video on that when things are settled down a bit, and I have more information. I will explain this in more detail in the future, but I had been having some issues for most of 2018 and ended up having gall bladder surgery in January of 2019. It was over active/over producing and chronically inflamed. While that helped a lot for about half a year, other issues surfaced. After months of tests and doctors appointments, I am on a strict low FODMAP diet (this is a medical diet) and am currently in the slow process of reintroducing foods to find out intolerance levels and what is/is not really making me sick. More on that later. 🙂

2 – Soaps/Weaving/Creating – This has been a busy year with some forced changes. I had some issues with a supplier where I get some of the fragrances, so I have had to test new fragrances to see how they behave. I have also been working on shampoo soaps and solid bars as well as conditioner bars. Tons of research, formulating, and testing. I started this process in the fall of 2018 and will be putting those products out there within the next month or so.

3 – Dance/Fitness – Still my passion! I have a few videos that will be coming out soon and more to come in the future. Check back on prior videos for a wide variety of workouts.

4 – Bees/Beekeeping – we still love our bees, but they had a rough year. 2019 was a tough winter and then we had a horribly wet spring, so we only have one hive right now. We were not able to catch any swarms due to the weather. Tim will be putting together some videos to share with you on our ups and downs with beekeeping. Stay tuned!

5 – BIG CHANGES! We will be making some big changes this next year to get back to our roots. Tim and I both grew up in the country and desperately miss that way of living. Quiet life, living sustainably, small farming, nature everywhere you look, etc! We will be sharing our experiences with going mostly off-grid, small farming/livestock, homesteading, and passing these gifts on to our children. We want to get away from the frantic pace we have been living for almost 20 years (holy cow, yes, 20 years!) and set our future up for a more restful and fulfilling one. Here’s to 2020 and beyond!

Natalie & Tim with The 5th Journey

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