Shampoo Soaps and Solid Shampoo Bars – Eco Friendly – Info, How To Use, Differences, Handmade!

After 18 months of research, making, testing, and lots of repeats – Shampoo Soaps AND Solid Shampoo Bars are finally here! Here is a handy video explaining what they are, the differences between the two, how to use, the process, and other info in my journey to create eco-friendly shampoos for my family and yours. Both options are Eco friendly and long lasting, easy to travel with, and super easy to use. High quality, gentle ingredients! Lovingly handmade in small batches with absolutely no silicones, sulphates, phlalates, parabens, or other yuckies. See below for video time codes for specific information. Conditioner Bars will be coming soon, but shampoo options are available now while they last! Be sure to like and subscribe – Thank you for watching!

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We recommend watching the whole video, but time codes below for specific info:
Shampoo Soap Information at the beginning
Shampoo Soap – Washing/Use – 12:31
Shampoo Bar Information – 16:18
Shampoo Bar – Washing/Use – 27:44
Conditioner Bar – Washing/Use – 32:15
Recap – 34:13



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