The 5th Journey Farm – May 2020 Updates – Moving, Bees, Chickens, Gardens, Fitness, & Poison Ivy FYI

Hello All! Yes, I know we posted a video two months ago with some big changes we were going through and that we’d be posting more often. Well, with the way 2020 has been the last few months, we’ve been very busy and things. . .all the things. . . just takes a lot longer to accomplish. Here is an update that I recorded over the past few weeks. The kiddos are out of school now, so we hope to have a different type of schedule (hopefully more flexible) now that distance learning is done for a bit. We have been recording our progress to share with you. Enjoy the video – I did an update, then I recorded another update the following weekend with a walk of a portion of the farm. And if you have never experienced Poison Ivy, I’ll share how to identify that yucky plant! Be Safe & Be Well!


  1. Deb

    Hi I just discovered your 3 week workouts for foot injuries which prompted me to look you up! I love browsing your site and think it’s very interesting. I’m wonderinng what state or area you are currently living in. I live in Phx…hot, hot but my daughter and family live in Blue Sky country.. just beautiful. Thanks again so much for the foot workouts. I am 65 and have exsersized all my life so this 6th foot surgery has been difficult. Your videos give me something to strive for and one day I hope to waLK and hike again with my husband. Stay well.

    1. Natalie (Post author)

      Hello! I apologize for the long delay – I’m so glad that you enjoy the videos and hope that you are recovering well from your surgery!! I am in Kansas – gets super hot and humid! We get all types of weather here. 🙂 Be well!


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