Calamine Lotion Cold Process Soap

Since we have been working at the farm almost every day for the past year. . .we’ve spent a lot of time in the woods and a lot of extra time in the shower with lots of soap! I wanted to make a Calamine Lotion Cold Process Soap so here you go! Soap in general is your best friend when removing oils and getting clean!

The final soap is incredibly smooth and really feels luxurious on the skin. I used 1 oz of Calamine Lotion per pound of soap. I lowered the superfat to 3% since I wanted a “drier” soap. . .and it is still a super smooth soap – this percentage will vary of course depending on your base oils, definitely don’t go that low if your main oil is coconut – I use about 30% overall. The added glycerin in the lotion helped with adding more “moisture” back in. Did you know that the main ingredients in Calamine are Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide? Both are commonly used in soap making as natural colorants.

I used the full water amount (no discount) as I didn’t know how things would go overall. However, I reduced the distilled water in the lye solution by the amount of calamine I put in. The calamine was added to the oils. I experienced no acceleration or anything else! It stayed nice and fluid. I added no fragrances/essential oils or any other colorants. It smells very clean! I personally love what unscented soap smells like! Since I added no additional colors, the final soap is a very pale soft pink. I hope you have success with this if you try it out in your recipes! No claims are being made other than this being an awesome soap and a fun thing to try, and I’m happy to have this for our own personal use. 🙂

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