Our Journey Begins! The 5th Journey Farm is Going OFF GRID. Stick with us as We Build our New Home

The time has come! We have put a few vague posts out about our new journey this past year. While we did not plan to wait quite this long to start getting the videos out, this week is perfect as it marks ONE YEAR from when we really started this project! October 8, 2019 was the first day that Tim went out there with the brush hog to see what we were getting ourselves into. We made a quick intro video over the weekend – check out that old stone wall in the intro as he’ll mention it later (you definitely couldn’t see it a year ago) and a first year deer makes an appearance!

Please join us as we begin our journey going Off Grid! A lot has changed in the last year. . .and more changes to come! Our goal is to post 1-2 videos per week so we can get caught up over the past year. We are truly doing this ourselves. So much has happened to our Homestead that will be home to the 5 of us (including my dad – that’s him in the background of the intro), and we are so excited to share it with you!

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