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Days 11-15 of the 30 Day Full Body Challenge

You are half-way!  Here is a recap of videos 11-15 of the 30 day challenge. Day 11:  Lateral/Side Lunges & Side Raises Day 12:  Bulgarian Split Squat/Lunge & Elbow Plank Day 13:  Bridge Ups & Side Triceps Day 14:  Jump…
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Flourish & Sweet Dreams – Utilizing Test Soaps – 100% Natural Soap

Utilizing Test Soaps – part 1 of 3. Testing. Testing is one of the most important things for ALL creators. And for those who make body care items such as soap, we end up with extras. About this time last…
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Winter Forest Cold Process Soap using Colander Strainer Pour

Winter Forest/Spruce/Pine scents are some of my favorites during the holidays! This was my first soap testing the colander/strainer pour that has been used in painting. You can find another soap batch in the Birchwood Oud soap that was posted…
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