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Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

This is a fantastic, artistic, AND easy way to dye eggs for Easter.  This is a wonderful activity for the whole family! You will need: Eggs, raw Silk – either old ties or blouses – I picked up some inexpensive…
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Using Tester Soaps in New Batches of Cold Process Soap

Soapmaking involves tons of testing – especially when you have a customer (more on the lines of a client) who wants a specific fragrance blend using mainly essential oils and they all have to have cedarwood. And then you end…
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Spa Day – Pigs in the Mud! Cold Process Soap – Chinese New Year

Spa Day – Pigs in the Mud! Handmade Cold Process Soap just in time for the Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig! These fun, travel sized soaps are made using free range, local, AWA certified leaf lard. Leaf…
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