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Shampoo Soaps and Solid Shampoo Bars – Eco Friendly – Info, How To Use, Differences, Handmade!

After 18 months of research, making, testing, and lots of repeats – Shampoo Soaps AND Solid Shampoo Bars are finally here! Here is a handy video explaining what they are, the differences between the two, how to use, the process,…
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Full Body Vacation Workout – 200 Legs & Arms!

Full Body Vacation Workout First!  Download and Print the workout above!  I’ll be moving quickly, so read through this first before we begin.  This will be handy for you to take along with you to use later. This is a…
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Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

This is a fantastic, artistic, AND easy way to dye eggs for Easter.  This is a wonderful activity for the whole family! You will need: Eggs, raw Silk – either old ties or blouses – I picked up some inexpensive…
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