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Days 11-15 of the 30 Day Full Body Challenge

You are half-way!  Here is a recap of videos 11-15 of the 30 day challenge. Day 11:  Lateral/Side Lunges & Side Raises Day 12:  Bulgarian Split Squat/Lunge & Elbow Plank Day 13:  Bridge Ups & Side Triceps Day 14:  Jump…
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30 Day Squat and Arm Challenge plus Personal Results

I love workout challenges and a new workout series – it gives the body and routine a much needed change. Especially if you are a fitness instructor or athlete who needs a change of routine to help avoid overuse injuries…
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Week 3 Day 5 Weights – 3 Week Series for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Congratulations!  You made it!  We are on our final day in this 3 Week Series!  If you are still working on your recovery, start the series again from the beginning.  If you are able to add a little more or…
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