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Peachy Pumpkin Butterscotch Cold Process Soap

YUM!! The first of my fall soaps videos are ready. First up is Peachy Pumpkin Butterscotch. I used real peach puree (leftover pulp from jelly making). The fragrance is a pumpkiny butterscotch. While I had planned for more swirls, sometimes…
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Orange Patchouli Cold Process Soap

I was amazed by how GOOD this smells! If you are not a patchouli lover (like me), but have a lot of requests for it, try an orange patchouli blend. I did an ITP – in the pot – swirl…
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Ocean Breeze Cold Process Soap – Acceleration and Ricing

Ocean Breeze! Reminds me of the huge waves we had at the beach a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorite new fragrances. However, the fragrance caused acceleration and minor ricing. I was able to work with it…
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